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breaking out around midnight at one of the units at the building on 2300 block of acton streets. residents had smoke inhalation and burns to the arms. none of the other four units was damaged. no word on what caused the fire. >>> let's check the roads. >> liz, take it away on a monday. >> a lot of folks going back to work after the weekend and so far no major incidents out there. we were watching a couple different things. we had a stalled-out truck for a while. that's out of lanes. you get nothing out there now that could really cause you to slow down, nothing blocking any main lines of any roadway so this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. both directions at the limit. similar story at the bay bridge. we're checking to see when they turn those metering lights on. this is usually what it looks like before they do. you can see the middle lanes get by fine. the outer cash lanes are stacking up pushing towards the end of the parking lot so no metering lights just yet. elsewhere all the approaches to the bay bridge so far pretty good. t
, this is a terrorist act. the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage. >> the militants say they are part of an al qaeda affiliate operating in north africa. they say the raid was meant to punish algeria for helping france's military operation against islamic fighters in nearby mali. >>> inspectors are finding hundreds of levees in danger of failing right here in the united states. >> this information comes 7 years after hurricane katrina toppled levees in new orleans and tore up the gulf coast. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in east palo alto to tell us how northern california levees could be at risk. >> reporter: what that study found is that major levee repairs are needed across the entire country. hundreds were deemed unacceptable. they haven't said if any are in the bay area but they have found 326 in 37 states covering more than 2,000 miles that are in four conditions putting people and property at risk. this is the federal government's first inventory of the flood
just 500 of the video rental chains across the united states. going back to what brian was saying about apple's earnings, shares have fallen $200 since september. it could get a boost though after verizon reports its earnings today, activating 2.1 million new devices in the quarter thanks in large part to sales of the new iphone 5. we'll see what apple has to say about that. google reports its earnings after the closing bell today, and it's going to be a big question as to what to expect. google took the step last week of warning most wall street analysts were not correctly forecasting their estimated for the fourth quarter, because of issues regarding the motorola unit. apple is selling part of that -- google is selling part of that and may not include that, expecting a billion dollars more than reported after the close today. wall street getting off to a flat start, following the long weekend. right now the dow lower by 5 points, nasdaq down by 2, s & p off by 1 point, google shares down 3/4 of a per cent, apple up half a per cent. >> thank yo
train in the united states going on its 27th year now, and it leaves the station in san jose at 9:30 this morning. it's to commemorate the birthday of martin luther king junior and covers 54 miles. that's the same distance that he and other civil rights activists marched in 1965. he led thousands of demonstrators from sell e sell -- selma alabama to montgomery. this is significant considering obama is being sworn into his second term in the white house. the mlk association is chartering the freedom train and to ride you needied to get your tickets online at brownpapertickets.com or you can buy one on site from the mlk board members. it boards at 9, leaves san jose at 9:30 and will make three stops along the way one in sunnyvale, another in palo alto and in san mateo and is scheduled to arrive in san francisco at 10:55 this morning. round trip tickets are $10 and expecting to sell about 1600 tickets total and you're being asked to get here early because the lines are expected to be long. live in san jose, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you.
destroyed. >>> the continental united states 2012 was the hottest year on record. that's according to the government's scientists. the average temperature, 55.3 degrees, breaking the old record set in 1998 by a degree. but you have a hard time convincing me of that today. it's cold. >> it's a little chilly. >>> it's going to get cold enough that we could see some snow by tomorrow. temperatures likely to get out of the 40s in some parts of the bay area. we have a big chill coming our way, buy changes in the weather. a cold front dives into california. cloudy and showers up toward crescent city and eureka. patchy, dense fog early on this morning and a dense fog advisory in the east bay valleys until 9 a.m. visibilities there a quarter mile or less in spots. so be very careful traveling in those areas for this morning. as you look outside right now, a little hazy over the bay. the temperatures chilly in spots. especially inland. we are seeing 40 degrees in concord. 39 in santa rosa. and 38 degrees in livermore. 47 in san francisco. by the aftern
-off and landing. and there have been a number of recent incidents involving distracted pilots. >>> united will now deliver your bags so you don't have to wait for them at baggage claim. on top of the regular baggage fee 30 for 1, 30 for 2, 50 for 3 and more. the service is available in boston, honolulu, houston, chicago and a lot of people will take advantage of it. >> if you are in a hurry and don't want to bring it on the plane... >> i'd wait. >> me, too. >>> 6:20. a northern california walmart employee is hoping to reunite a child with a book of rules that he or she wrote. >> raymond flores of citrus heights found the book in his parking lot. he says it contains the kind of advice you might find in a self- help section at a bookstore. >> they put a lot of hard work into it. these rules mean a lock to them probably to the parents, as well. >> well, the book also includes words of wisdom like wear your seatbelt, don't leave your friends behind and no texting and driving at the same time and always buy your co-anchor a cup of coffee. >> i love that boo
to the united states supreme court yesterday. the court is expected to rule by the end of june on whether a lower court's rejection of prop 8 will stand. >>> singer beyonce is getting all sorts of attention for her performance of the national anthem at the inauguration for the lack of her live performance. ♪ [ music ]♪ s. >> well, it sounds beautiful except a spokeswoman for the marine corps band said yesterday the singer used a prerecorded voice track instead of singing live. no word from camp beyonce just yet. but you can bet all eyes will be on her as she performs at the super bowl. just a couple of questions to her. >> perhaps that week. >>> now beyonce isn't the only reason people will be tuning into the super bowl. others will be watching the 49ers win we hope so while others will be watching the multimillion-dollar commercials. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on how the super bowl ads are going beyond the game to get your attention. she joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. i actually know a few people who like to reco
is very, very important to the united states but aside from that, it's been marking time waiting for the senate to do it. the senate did it late -- i guess early this morning and now the house will take it up around noontime here in washington, d.c. i think it will pass. we'll go forward and with the new congress coming in on the 3rd of january, we'll begin once again to deal with the remaining problems, and they're out there. we do know that we have a deficit that's not yet been resolved. we do know that we have the sequestration on all those cuts that are simply waiting for us to deal with. and we have a debt limit and the funding of government. all of that is going to come together in february or early march. so it's likely to be a difficult spring here in washington. >> thank you, congressman for joining us live on washington, d.c. >> good luck. >> thank you. happy new year to california. >> happy new year. >>> well, about a million people from all over the world got the times square treatment as new york's huge crystal ball dropped into the new year. a lot of kissing going o
to the united states federal reserve, americans on average only save 3.6% of their income. what we should be saving upwards of 10%. and if you are counting on social security, plan on socking away 12 times your current income too. because getting old can get expensive. >> i have seen clients pay upwards of $13,000 a month for round the clock care in their homes. it's very expensive. >> reporter: and then there's housing. bringing us to tip number 3. you shouldn't spend more than 25 percent of your income on where you live. a tall order here in the bay area. but keeping this rule of thumb in mind might help you stash some cash into your 401(k) or ira. >> cheers! >> reporter: this couple rents two bedrooms of their home to offset their mortgage and help them reach their financial goals. >> stay in the house and retire here and burn that mortgage paper. >> reporter: and they talk money every saturday in an effort to track their progress. >> we're acutely aware of what's in our accounts and when we decide to use credit. >> reporter: a small price to pay for peace of mind and the more prospero
two americans for terror figures jailed in the united states. estimates vary regard, the number of hostages and captors killed during an algerian military raid intended to free all the hostages. the captors are militants related to al qaeda upset about france's military action against islamic militants in neighboring mali. >>> a san jose mother is admitting that she lied to police about an attempted kidnapping. she claimed that the man tried to take her 3-year-old daughter from her arms on her front lawn but investigators say the mother admitted to making it all up after just 10 minutes of questioning. police say the mother does have a criminal record and now she could face some new charges. >>> and a 98-year-old santa clara county woman has died from the flu. she is the first person to die from the virus here in the bay area. meanwhile, pleasanton-based safeway has shipped an additional 200,000 doses of the flu vaccines to all its pharmacies here in the u.s. >> let's get a last check of traffic and weather. >> a little cold in spots around t
range rocket launches. the latest threat follows the united nations security council's tightened sanctions against north korea. that was in response to a launch last month. >>> coming up, she says she will watch him in the super bowl on tv. the birth mother of 49er quarterback colin kaepernick sharing her story. >> the runner-up to the heisman trophy at the center of the girlfriend hoax when te'o found how the she didn't exist. >> the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers on this thursday. right now, a bit of a mixed bag a little up a little down. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks when we come back. actually started two days ago... bringing out about a thir >>> crews are back on the scene of a major warehouse fire in chicago's south side. it actually started two days ago bringing about a third of the city's fire department to help. firefighters had it under control yesterday but the warehouse began burning again this morning. the building is filled with old timber that rekind
as a big dome of high pressure now settling in overhead sliding across the western half of the united states. any threat of rain well to the north of the bay area and that's the way it's going to stay. around the state looking good, 60s in the central valley plenty of sunshine. 66 redding, 50 lake tahoe. 48 in yosemite. around the bay today we'll see those temperatures running up into the 60s in many spots. 64 in campbell. 63 in san jose. 62 degrees in redwood city. a logical cooler at the coastline -- a little bit cooler at the coastline in the 50s. plenty of 60s in the east bay with sunshine all day long. and inside the bay looking good, 62 in oakland, 59 degrees in san francisco. and 64 degrees in santa rose. next couple of days, we are looking good. high pressure in control thursday and friday. that does begin to break down a little bit over the weekend. we'll see a few more clouds and some cooler temperatures through saturday and sunday. and by next tuesday, we may just see some rain. so enjoy these next few days, frank. looking good. >> i'
orleans is one of the very few places in the united states that has above ground burials. there is a rumored voodoo queen buried in the cemetery, marie laveau. people coming here from across the world to see her tomb. [ man continuing to sing ] >> this is the second most popular graveyard destination. after graceland, it's one of those things that makes new orleans unique. >> it's more than a cemetery that draws me here. [ man continuing to sing ] >> i have been sitting here about an hour. kind of sketching and you start to notice things. this is where people's family members are buried. is it peaceful? i think it's a little spooky. wouldn't want to come here after sundown. that's what is special about it. [ man sings ] >> we have a unique relationship with the dead. not crazy. it's very peaceful. so i would invite them to come and visited and experience it for themselves. [ singing ] >>> there really is something special about walking through that cemetery. again, that is st. louis cemetery number one. now, our very own wilson wal
and right now walmart employs 1.4 million workers in the united states. >>> some other headlines around the bay, muni is poised to overhaul its outdated system for managing its train lines. a new $24 million communications network is up for approval today. it would feature integrated fiberoptic cables and uninterruptible power systems so the new technology will enable muni to diagnose problems quickly and make adjustments cutting down on delays for passengers. >>> and there's a new move to rename the san francisco airport after gay rights pioneer harvey milk. supervisor david campos plans to introduce the legislation today. milk of course was the san francisco supervisor back in 1978 when he and then the mayor george moscone were shot to death by former supervisor dan white. >>> a new 7-eleven store in san mateo is ordered shut down. the city council agreed with neighbors that the store should not have been allowed to open in the first place. it's on property that is zoned residential. the company will appeal. the 24-hour store on san mateo drive op
around the united states, switzerland, the amazon rain forest, and you know, like, the jungle healer medicine man >right >>>when they walk into the jungle, look at that plant, what's that for, what does that do for you. plants are not even in the food pyramid today. >>ight >>>ou know, you've got fruits and vegetables, and you got fats, and meats, and dairy products, >>o words >>>but herbs are not on there. dinosaurs ate herbs, gorillas eat herbs, insect eat herbs, you know, deer, elk, and caribou, and moose eat herbs. these are powerful animals that, are sexually vigorous. androzene these natural food, it's completely safe, and it addresses the holistic system of the body. >>eah, well, another word i wanna pull back out is spontaneity. >>>um hum >>that is so important. i mean, for me, as a woman, >>>but, you know, here's the interesting thing, spontaneity is a big thing, and we no prescription erection pills are clumsy, in addition to the side effects of being nauseated, and sick to your stomach, and diarrhea, which aren't sexy, if you don't take that pill the right time it ain't hap
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